Ribbed Rubber Anti-Slip Tape


Roll Length: 18.3m (60ft) Rolls

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• A new innovation in non abrasive anti-slip material

• Rubber-like finish with the stability of plastic

• A very thick anti-slip material

• Non-porous so oil and other other contaminants are easily cleaned away

• Suitable for underwater use

Underwater applications require the surface to be cleaned with our Surface Cleaner and dry, prior to application. Once the application has been set & cured, it can then be submerged. Additionally, if the application surface is porous, it will need to be sealed with our Surface Primer to prevent moisture from absorbing and degrading the adhesive. We also recommend sealing the edges of the product material with our Edge Fix Sealer for underwater applications.

Available in rolls, sheets or die cut pieces. Depending on order quantity, custom orders can be made. Any colour, size or shape can be made and we are happy to discuss your requirements with you.

Roll Length: 18.3m (60ft) Rolls

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25mm (1 inch), 50mm (2 inch), 100mm (4 inch)