Porous Surface Primer


Primer available in either 1 Litre (34 fl/oz) or 500ml (17 fl/oz) sizes.

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When applying to surfaces that are porous (wood, concrete, stone, marble etc.) it’s recommended that the surface be sealed prior to application of our products. Our anti-slip and marking tapes are self-adhesive and require a stable surface to adhere to. On a porous surface moisture can absorb through and lift the film. Primer helps to create a stable, non-porous surface. Simply brush it on like paint. Porous Surface Primer typically dries in 10-30 minutes depending on ambient temperature and the type of surface.

We offer Porous Surface Primer in either 1 Litre (34 fl/oz) or 500ml (17 fl/oz) sizes. A 1 Litre (34 fl/oz) container seals 15m² (50 sq/ft). A 500ml (17 fl/oz) seals 7.5m² (25 sq/ft).

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1 Litre (34 fl/oz), 500ml (17 fl/oz)