Stan Schaefer, the founder of ANTI-SLIP ANYWHERE

Stan Schaefer, the founder of ANTI-SLIP ANYWHERE, sought to make the world a safer place in 2008 when he formed Tile Safe Products. Having spent many years in the Anti-Slip industry, he was dissatisfied with the lack of knowledge and the casual attitude that many people in the industry had towards slip, trip and fall accidents. These accidents often lead to lost productivity, lost wages, higher insurance premiums, and in some cases loss of life.

His many years as a trainer and floor safety specialist (both locally and internationally) provided him with the knowledge and the background to teach people about floor safety. His goal was simply to reduce the amount of accidents caused by slippery floor surfaces. He set in motion a campaign to improve the knowledge of employers on the various causes of slipping and the impact it has on the health system, a company’s bottom line and in many cases, peoples’ lives after suffering from a fall.

Along the way, he created the International Floor Safety Council so that he could share information with others and learn best practices. The intent of this council is to share safety program information with a larger body and to standardize services which could be provided both in North America and worldwide. One of the benefits of the council has been the introduction of many new products and services to better assist clients with their floor safety requirements.

As technology has revolutionized floor surfaces, the council has developed new and better products to ensure safer floors. Tile Safe (now known as ANTI-SLIP ANYWHERE) carries a complete line of these floor safety products to make practically any floor Anti-Slip. Stan claims, We are making the world a safer place through education and unique floor safety products.