TuffPath™ is the world’s only complete floor marking system. Over many years we have developed the range to encompass every section of floor marking for factories, warehouses, assembly areas and logistic bases.

• With TuffPath™ you’re not restricted to simple lines. It’s a versatile system that allows you to develop a clear set of visual aids to ensure that not only looks clean and efficient but, also helps your process controls.

• TuffPath™ can be created to suit your requirements, as you can see from the range breakdown we produce lines, angles, joins, shapes and outlines in all industry standard colours.

• Our team are experts in specification and can provide advice that has been gathered while working with companies as varied as aerospace, automotive, logistics and defense to name just a few.

• Custom components can be produced to your specifications further expanding the possibilities making TuffPath™ a site-wide floor marking solution.

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