High Quality Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Tape


Roll Length: 15m (49ft) Rolls

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We have two grades of high quality glow in the dark anti-slip tape, Super Grade and Premium Grade.

Each provides a different level of luminescence. This allows you to choose the most cost effective product for your needs.

Both grades offer levels of illumination that exceed the regulatory requirements of photo-luminescent materials for commercial applications.

Photo-luminescent materials for commercial applications are gauged from the OSH1910 regulation, which gets technical information from ASTM 2072, stipulating that levels of luminescence for photoluminescent products, measured in mcd/m2 (millicandela per square meter), must perform within a 60 minute time frame, from 30mcd/m2 to 4.4mcd/m2.

Our technical specifications for both super grade and premium grade are:

Time Premium Grade Luminance mcd/m2 Super Grade Luminance mcd/m2
10 Minutes 229 138
60 Minutes 40 18

Both products exceed regulatory requirements. DIN 67510 standards are surpassed by a large margin. Premium Grade Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Tape received a class C certification, with an afterglow lasting up to 1800 minutes, and Super Grade Glow in the Dark Anti-Slip Tape’s after glow lasted for up to 450 minutes, achieving a class A certification.

Roll Length: 15m (49ft) Rolls

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Super Grade, Premium Grade


25mm (1 inch), 50mm (2 inch), 100mm (4 inch)