Glow Line safety-grip Tape


50mm (2inch) X 18.3m (60ft) Rolls


• Use of two contrasting colours makes it highly visible
• The least expensive photo-luminescent anti-slip material
• By using a thinner strip of Egress tape, cost is reduced
• Uses less of the expensive photo-luminescent product
• The use of black standard safety-grip in the construction of Glow Line anti-slip tape ensures optimum grip.
• We use photo-luminescent Egress tape as the center line then surround that with our black standard anti-slip coating.

The center glow in the dark stripe is 10mm wide, with the black on either side at 20mm each making the entire product width 50mm.

Other widths and stripe formats can be provided with minimum order quantities.

50mm (2inch) X 18.3m (60ft) Rolls