Adhesion Promoter


Adhesion Promoter is available in small 118ml (4 fl/oz) bottles


Adhesion Promoter is used to prepare low energy surfaces. Self-adhesive based products are liquid based and have to “wet out” in order to bond effectively. Meaning, the liquid needs to spread over the surface and grip/stick to it. With low energy surfaces, the surface is very smooth/slick, with less friction. This means a reduction in energy on the surface and less of achance of an effective bond. Adhesion Promoter applied to these low energy surfaces helps to create the energy needed and to ensure an effective bond between the product and surface. Polyurethane and Polypropylene surfaces are examples of low energy surfaces, and a small amount of Adhesion Promoter will make sure that the adhesive application is a strong one.

Adhesion Promoter is available in small 118ml (4 fl/oz) bottles, due to the small amount required per application.